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In June 2015, an image claiming to feature the “darkest baby in the world” started making waves online.

One of the initial websites to share the photo, Social Trends PH, didn’t offer any context for the image other than stating it originated from South Africa.

A baby purported to be the “darkest in the world,” recently born in South Africa, is causing a stir on social media. However, many online users are questioning the authenticity of the photo.

Upon closer examination, there appears to be no verified origin of the photo, nor has any individual claimed it. Additionally, mainstream media outlets have not reported on this, and the Guinness World Records database also lacks any such information. Here is the photo in question.


The earliest online posting of this photo that we could trace back was on June 10, 2015, by Twitter user @NaimHumphrey. The tweet also lacked additional information, echoing only the repeated claim that the image originates from “South Africa.”

So, what’s the real story behind this photograph? Was the so-called “darkest baby in the world” actually born in South Africa?

After conducting our investigation, we couldn’t pinpoint the exact origin of the photograph. However, we did determine that the subject in the image is not a baby but a clay art doll. The doll was crafted by artist Lilah Pearsons, known for her “Breath of Heaven” creations.

Lilah Pearsons began her sculpting journey in 2005, initially inspired by her love for animals. In 2006, she started selling her art online, focusing on dolls. She shared, “Each doll starts as a lump of polymer clay, and I never really know where it’s going to lead. Sculpting for me is always a new experience, sometimes frustrating but always an opportunity for learning and growth.”


That’s wonderful to hear that you adore monkeys! Sculpting these expressive creatures must bring you a lot of joy. Lilah Pearsons seems to share your enthusiasm, as she crafts her primate dolls with partial sculptures and soft bodies to allow for a variety of poses. Her primates are constructed using quality doe suede bodies and are filled with tiny pellets for weight and texture. Each piece of clothing on these dolls is handmade by her, further elevating their uniqueness.

If you browse through Pearson’s website or eBay store, you’ll find several examples of similar small dolls, showcasing her diverse skill set and artistic range. It sounds like both of you share a deep passion for artistry and the animal kingdom, specifically the engaging world of monkeys!


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