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Just when you thought talent shows couldn’t get any more surprising, people like Celine come along and leave everyone speechless. Celine is 9 years old and her parents named her after their favorite singer, Celine Dion. But what Celine’s parents could not have known was that they might have given birth to the next Celine Dion. The theme song from ‘Titanic’, My Heart Will Go On, is one of the most famous songs ever. Many people have tried to imitate Celine Dion by performing this timeless song, but few have come close to the magic of Dion’s version. 

Simon scoffed and laughed when the girl said she would sing a Celine Dion song – seconds later he ate the hat

So when 9-year-old Celine took the stage at America’s Got Talent and said she would leave My Hear Will Go On, the judges were quite skeptical. Celine told the judges that her parents love Celine Dion and named her Celine and her sister Dion. Simon looked on with a smile as the little girl said her dad was surprised and moved when he first heard her sing My Heart Will Go On. But when the little girl opened her mouth, Simon had no choice but to eat the hat you have to see it for yourself in the video. Celine’s funny story about her family and their relationship with Celine Dion’s music made us laugh. The little girl has not only an amazing and crazy voice, but amazing self-confidence! If you want to skip straight to her performance, start the video from 1:40 minutes.



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