Richard Gere Joins Centennial Celebration for His Father at Syracuse Restaurant

On Sunday at Pastabilities restaurant in Armory Square, actor Richard Gere, spotted in the center wearing a hat, joyously celebrated the 100th birthday of his father, Homer, who was seated and donning a Yankees cap. (Photo courtesy of Jace Zimmer, a manager at Pastabilities).

Syracuse, N.Y. — Homer Gere from North Syracuse marked his 100th birthday on Sunday at a restaurant in Armory Square, with a special guest in attendance. His son, movie star Richard Gere, famed for roles in ‘Pretty Woman,’ ‘An Officer and a Gentleman,’ and ‘Chicago,’ joined the celebration.

The celebration was held at Pastabilities, a historic and well-loved restaurant in Armory Square. Shortly after 8 p.m. on Sunday, the restaurant shared a photo on its Facebook and Instagram pages, featuring the Gere family, their guests, and some of the staff from Pastabilities.

Richard Gere visited Pastabilities tonight to celebrate his father’s 100th birthday,” announced the restaurant’s posts, accompanied by the hashtags #thismustbetheplace, #richardgere, #onehundred, and #iconic.

Born in Philadelphia, Richard Gere was raised in Central New York and graduated from North Syracuse High School in 1967. His father, Homer Gere, a former insurance salesman, has been actively involved in the community as a long-time member of the North Syracuse volunteer fire department and a volunteer for Meals on Wheels. He continues to reside in North Syracuse.

This connection keeps Richard Gere coming back to the area regularly. His mother, Doris, who was Homer’s wife, passed away in 2016.