In a recent conversation with The Guardian, George Clooney divulged that he’s in a financial position that allows him to be exceedingly selective about the work he chooses to accept. The Hollywood A-lister shared that he had the option to make a staggering $35 million for merely a single day’s labor on an airline advertisement, but ultimately turned it down. “After discussing the proposition with my wife Amal, we jointly arrived at the conclusion that it simply wasn’t worth it,” Clooney elaborated.

He went on to provide deeper context to his decision, explaining that the airline in question had affiliations with a nation that, while technically an ally, has had moments that raise ethical or moral questions. “I pondered over the offer and realized that if agreeing to it would rob me of even a moment’s peaceful sleep, then the financial gain would not justify the moral and ethical compromise,” Clooney opined.

At 60 years old, George Clooney has deliberately scaled back his acting commitments, not merely due to a lack of compelling roles but also to prioritize quality time with his wife Amal and their twin children. Despite his decision to act less, Clooney hasn’t left the industry entirely; his latest directorial venture, “The Tender Bar,” was the focal point of his interview with The Guardian.

Clooney emphasized that both he and Amal continue to be passionate about their respective careers, stating, “We still deeply love what we do.” However, he added a cautionary note, saying, “We have to be conscious not to overextend ourselves. So a significant part of our decision-making now involves ensuring that we actually live our lives, instead of merely filling our calendars.”

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