A schoolgirl lies next to a sick boy while the whole class laughs at the boy: a gesture the girl’s mother is proud of

Christine Banga Adair lived in Plant City, Florida, with her loving husband and four adorable young children. She taught first graders for over 16 years and understood the importance of teaching young people valuable lessons that were not always part of their school curriculum. One day she went to her daughter’s school, Carington, to pick … Read more

Robert De Niro Shares Terrible News

In 1997, Robert De Niro married Grace Hightower. Despite their separation in 1999, the pair eventually rekindled their relationship and renewed their wedding vows in 2004. However, the couple’s tumultuous love affair continued when they filed for divorce in 2018. De Niro has stated that his bank accounts are running dry as Hightower continues to … Read more

Single mother with three children gets fired, young son comes to former boss to protect her – Story of the day

A single mother with three children is suddenly fired for failing to show up for work on time. Seeing that his mother is upset about losing her job, her 11-year-old son decides to meet her former boss on her behalf. Aidan is sitting in the living room watching his favourite programme. Usually at this time … Read more

What the Children of Iconic Couples From the ’90s and Early ’00s Would Have Like Looked

Even if celebrity couples might not always stay together, with their relationships they have the power to leave a lasting impression on their fans. But many iconic couples who were thought to be inseparable during the last decades broke up and never ended up having a family together. That’s why Bright Side decided to imagine … Read more

NFL Legend Jim Brown Rips Kaepernick: ‘I Don’t Desecrate My Flag’

Legendary Cleveland Browns running back Jim Brown lambasted anthem-protester Colin Kaepernick, saying he needs to act more intelligently. He also attacked his glaring lack of patriotism.“I’m going to give you the real deal: I’m an American,” Brown said. “I don’t desecrate my flag and my national anthem.” He went on to criticize Kaepernick for lacking … Read more

As the song AIIeIuia began to play, the skater brought tears to the eyes of aII of the judges as well as the audience… Take a Iook at it here…

Even though many people do not have the necessary skating talents, Taryn Jurgensen is unable to imagine a period in her life when she did not participate in figure skating. As she took her first steps onto the ice, she waited with increasing impatience for the music to start. As it turned out, she had … Read more