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Caitlin Faulder, left, with her mother Kellie Faulder (Image: Faulder family)

The Faulder family in Hull is grappling with profound grief following the unexpected passing of a vibrant, joyful young mother who was known for her lively spirit and constant dance. Caitlin Faulder, at only 20 years old, resided with her parents, Kellie and John Faulder, along with her five-month-old daughter, Poppy. The tragic incident unfolded when Caitlin was discovered unresponsive in her bed during the early hours of Sunday, November 19, possibly due to a heart attack in her sleep.

Charlotte Faulder, Caitlin’s younger sister, shared with Hull Live the overwhelming sorrow felt by their entire circle of family and friends in the wake of Caitlin’s loss. “She was so young,” Charlotte expressed, “and she leaves behind a five-month-old baby. Everyone is shattered by this.”

Charlotte revealed that Caitlin, from Gipsyville, had been experiencing “heart pains” for a few months leading up to her passing. The young mother, eagerly anticipating Christmas and her return to work at Costa Coffee in Hessle, had sought medical evaluation for her condition.

“When she was pregnant, she underwent an ECG that revealed an irregularity, but it wasn’t considered a cause for concern,” Charlotte explained. She further mentioned their siblings, Chloe aged 22, Joseph, who recently turned 18, and Jasmine, 14. “There were plans for an echo-scan when Poppy turned six weeks old,” Charlotte added, “but unfortunately, that never came to fruition.”



Caitlin with baby daughter Poppy, now aged five months (Image: Faulder family)

When Caitlin visited the doctors, their reassurances constantly echoed: ‘Everything’s normal, you’re fine, blood pressure is good.’ Just the night before, on Saturday, she was in high spirits—dancing, cherishing moments with her daughter.

“She was the heart of any gathering. Dancing was her thing—every day. Ed Sheeran was her favorite, and she adored all kinds of music, especially Christmas tunes. She had plans to deck her home with a Christmas tree this week and had already wrapped up presents for her daughter,” Charlotte recalled.

On that Sunday morning, Caitlin’s dad, John, was alerted by baby Poppy’s cries. “Her bedroom was downstairs, and when my dad went down, he called out to her. But she wouldn’t wake up. He found her in her bed.”

“He called for an ambulance. My 14-year-old sister came down, and he handed the baby to her, trying to do CPR while on the phone with emergency services.”

“The ambulance arrived, suggesting she might have had a heart attack in her sleep. It would have been peaceful, they said. She wouldn’t have felt a thing. Dad, who also has heart issues, had to undergo checks too.”

The family initiated a GoFundMe page. Charlotte’s message there mournfully states, “On November 19th, my dear sister Caitlin Faulder passed away in her sleep. She was only 20, a devoted mother to her 5-month-old daughter, Poppy. We seek a little help for her funeral, as this sudden loss has deeply shocked us. Your assistance means the world. Thank you. She’ll forever reside in our hearts.”

Hoping to raise £4,000 for Caitlin’s funeral and a tribute for Poppy’s future, Charlotte expressed, “We want to give Caitlin the most heartfelt farewell and create something meaningful for Poppy. Caitlin didn’t have much, but every penny she had went to her daughter.

The Faulder family on a past holiday with Caitlin, far right (Image: Faulder family)

Charlotte and the family have started talking about Caitlin’s funeral arrangements, but they can’t finalize anything until after a post-mortem examination. “Caitlin wished to be cremated, but we’re considering having a headstone for her at Hessle cemetery.

“Hessle meant a lot to Caitlin. It would be a place where people can visit and cherish her memory.

“Three years ago, my grandad passed away due to a sudden heart attack. Caitlin remarked after his passing, ‘We’ve shed tears, now let’s dance and honor his memory.

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