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Despite the profound trauma that her petite frame has endured, she is demonstrating remarkable resilience,” conveyed Kate Story, her aunt.

On Sunday, 7-year-old Emery Burrows from Utah suffered severe injuries when she was struck by a pickup truck while attempting to retrieve a ball from the street.

Officers from the St. George Police responded to a distress call about a traffic accident with injuries on 900 South Morningside Drive at approximately 8 p.m. local time. Emery had accidentally kicked a soccer ball onto the roadway, and as she hurried to retrieve it, a passing pickup truck collided with her. The impact resulted in significant injuries, requiring urgent transportation to a nearby hospital, as reported by both the police and a GoFundMe page established for her.

The police department reported that the truck driver remained at the scene and cooperated with the investigation.

According to statements from her family to NBC affiliate KSL-TV and, Burrows and her brother were playing soccer on their front lawn when the ball rolled into the road. Despite waiting for the road to clear, the 7-year-old didn’t notice the approaching truck, and the driver, said to be a neighbor, reportedly failed to see her as she stepped onto the roadway.

“It’s a situation where you can’t really blame Emery or the driver,” expressed Kate Story, Emery’s aunt, in her statement to the station. “It’s just a heartbreaking incident.”

Story provided details about Emery’s severe injuries, mentioning a substantial skull fracture that extends “from ear to ear,” leading to a brain bleed, as reported by Additionally, the young girl had to undergo surgery to address significant damage to her right tibia, as highlighted in the reports.

Nevertheless, Emery’s aunt shared that the young girl is displaying signs of improvement.

“Considering the severe trauma her petite frame has undergone, her recovery is astounding,” remarked Story, according to

By Monday evening, Emery, having been taken off sedation and able to breathe independently, managed to utter a few words, although her consciousness was intermittent, as reported by the outlet.

Describing Emery as a “powerful little soul,” her aunt conveyed her resilient spirit to Emery’s mother, Trit Borrowman, requested prayers on her daughter’s GoFundMe page for Emery’s complete recovery to resume her passions for dancing, playing soccer, and showering affection on her puppies. Borrowman expressed, “Her fighting spirit is unmatched. She’s the most resilient little girl I know.”

Borrowman also extended her plea for prayers to the neighbor involved in the accident, hoping for emotional healing for him and his spouse from this unfortunate incident. Expressing gratitude, she wrote, “Thank you.”

As Wednesday morning arrived, the fund collection had already surpassed $9,000, aiming to alleviate the financial burden of the expenses incurred post-accident.

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