Girl Katie Kei has a strong voice in The Voice Czech Republic but not recognized makes Slovakia discouraged

Willn’t the jurors of The Voice regret not turning to her now? Failure did not deter this blonde

Albeit The Voice Česko Slovensko didn’t progress to the following round of the singing rivalry, Katie Kei isn’t leaving the fantasy of a singing vocation. The starting singer, genuine name Kateřina Kolčavová, doesn’t mean to nail her dearest calling and is simply releasing her pristine video for the single Stop.

Katie is no rookie to the music world. She acted in the melodic Mary Poppins, sang first spot in quite a while Voice contest and arrived at the TOP 5 thousand finals of the American WCOPA rivalry, where the Czech Republic was addressed by Tereza Mašková, the champ of the fifth series of the Slovak Superstar, a year prior Katie. Furthermore, he has worked with Milan Peroutka.

Nonetheless, the adjudicators didn’t allow her an opportunity in the right now communicated rivalry. Just the nineteen-year-old blonde was most hurt by the brief timeframe when the legal hearers can pivot and pick a craftsman for their group. “In the event that he pivoted, I would pick Vojta Dyk. What I lament most about the entire rivalry is that you are not in touch with the jury by any means. I didn’t see them, so I have no input on my exhibition, “said Katie, who sang the song Believer by Imagine Dragons splendidly that evening.

“Imagine Dragons” Believers | Cover female rendition, Katie Kei young lady has a solid voice in The Voice

Nonetheless, the principal difficulty didn’t dissuade the youthful singer, and after her first film, the song Burn It Down, she made a video for the song Stop, which should act as a consolation for individuals who battle harassing in any capacity. Also, She has much more arranged.

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