Cancellation of the performance! What about Adriana?

Both of them tricked the jury well: ten-year-old Adriana and her dad Raimund Brandt seem masked as singing abilities on the phase of “Das Supertalent”. Also, out of the blue, they end up being genuine hip-bounce craftsmen.

Cancellation of the performance! What about Adriana?

Wearing a white kaftan, Adriana shows up before the jury with Papa Raimund Brandt. She sings the primary lines of “Hanana” a little modestly. Then Adriana abruptly runs off the stage. The hearers Dieter Bohlen, Sylvie Meis and Bruce Darnell are disturbed. Did the little one get anxiety in front of large audiences?

Is it true or not that you are messing with me? Are you not kidding when that’s what you say! In an outright checker look, the Essen local leaps back onto the stage and plays out a hip-bounce number with her dad in an absolutely cool and easygoing manner.The outcome: booming praise and overwhelming applauses from the crowd and the jury! Bruce Darnell, who has been behind the jury’s work area for a long time, has never seen a presentation like this: “What you conveyed today is totally astounding!”

What’s more, Dieter Bohlen is additionally excited: “You messed us up toward the start! You have a colossal ability – you can’t discover that. That was perfect.” obviously there is a reasonable “yes” from each of the three jury individuals and a high-five for Adriana from the pleased dad.

The super talent of 2018: Adriana and Papa Raimund surprise with a cool hip-hop interlude

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