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A weird and wonderful drawing by 6 year old Beatrice.

My little pony, skinny and bony.
This little chap, a Shetland pony foal, was photographed at Whipsnade Zoo near where we live in England. And the wonderful drawing was done by little Facundo, sent in by @linaleluz. I love his skinny legs.

In the depths of the sea where it’s really dark,
You might just see this scary shark.
Hi everyone. We’re back this week with a static post, rather than reel, and what an awesome drawing to base it on. This superb shark is the work of the very talented Love (and thanks to her dad, Ed, for sharing it with us). But what kind of shark do you think it is?
A quick note, also, to credit the photographer – Carlos Grillo (grillobsb) – because I didn’t actually make it to the bottom of the sea, given my camera’s not waterproof, (otherwise I obviously would have done).

A mouth and a beak – isn’t he sweet?
I wonder which he uses to eat?

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