Iconic Celebrity Couples With Significant Age Differences

Love can be hard to find when you’re a celebrity. Even when they do find it, relationships are often dissected by the media to the nth degree. Throw in a sizable age gap and everything is put under the microscope. The following A-listers have proved that when it comes to meeting “the one” age is just a number. 

From Steve Tyler’s lasting relationship with his personal assistant to Catherine Zeta-Jones’ 25-year-and-counting marriage to Michael Douglas, sometimes throwing caution to the wind can be worthwhile for everyone…but it doesn’t stop people talking, either. 

Age Gap: 25 years
Combined Net Worth: $310 million*

When brunette beauty Catherine Zeta-Jones started dating Hollywood icon Michael Douglas in 1998, the world was a little dubious. How could the relationship possibly last under the intense media scrutiny? The couple, with 25 years between them, have defied the odds. 

 Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones @usweekly/Pinterest

Although they briefly separated a decade ago, the pair were able to work out their differences and are stronger than ever. The couple have managed to keep most things private, with Catherine crediting their open line of communication, saying, “You’ve got to be open and honest.”

Age Gap: 23 years
Combined Net Worth: $307 million*

Back in 1988, Sylvester Stallone went out for dinner and found himself a wife. Jennifer Flavin happened to be at the same restaurant as her future husband that night. He was a twice-divorced 42-year-old actor, while she was a fresh-faced 19-year-old. 

 Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin @buzzfeed/Pinterest

Polar opposites clearly attract. Despite their fair share of ups and downs, rumors of infidelity, and the pressure of a relationship in the public eye, Sly and Jennifer have stayed together for 35 years. The couple have three daughters together, Sophia Rose, Sistine Rose, and Scarlet Rose. Stallone briefly left Jennifer in 1994 when his mistress claimed to be pregnant. 

Age Gap: 17 years
Combined Net Worth: $730 million*

Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld’s relationship had a slightly rocky start. At the time they met, Jessica was engaged to someone else. She married him, but after she got back from the honeymoon realized it was a big mistake. She soon left her new husband and struck up a romance with the comedy legend, who is 17 years older than her. 

 Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld @Google/Pinterest

Luckily, the gamble worked out. Jerry and Jessica said their vows in 1999. The scandal around their relationship didn’t go unnoticed. “Jerry was neither the cause or the effect of the break-up,” Jessica told Vogue in 2004. “His friendship gave me strength and resilience at a time of desperate need.” 

Age Gap: 25 years
Combined Net Worth: $15 billion*

Model Jerry Hall is most famous for her tumultuous relationship with Mick Jagger, but she traded one high-profile romance for another when she married tycoon Rupert Murdoch in 2016. The couple had been dating in 2015. 

 Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall ©Jack Taylor/Getty Images

They made their first public debut at the Rugby World Cup and have been inseparable ever since. Although Rupert is now in his late ‘80s, that doesn’t stop the billionaire enjoying the high life with his wife. They were pictured on the beach in Barbados last year, soaking up some winter sun. 

Age Gap: 13 years
Combined Net Worth: $150 million*

Although Hugh Jackman didn’t rise to dizzying heights of fame until he was a little longer in the tooth, the heartthrob Aussie actor was already happily coupled off. Long before he was a Hollywood A-lister, the star met his wife Deborra-Lee Furness on the set of her show, Correlli

 Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness ©/Getty Images

It was love at first sight. Jackman proposed not long after and the couple tied the knot less than a year later. Their bond remains strong to this day, despite there being a 13-year age gap. At the time of writing, Jackman is 51 while his wife is 64. 

Age Gap: 25 years
Combined Net Worth: $61 million*

As the matriarch of one of the most famous families in existence, Kris Jenner is used to living her life in the spotlight. Her daughter’s romances gained more attention than hers for a considerable time until Bruce Jenner transitioned into Caitlyn and Kris found herself single again. 

 Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble @buzzfeed/Pinterest

Kris went on to find love with Corey Gamble, whom she met at a mutual friend’s 40th birthday party. Their relationship has had its ups and downs, but the couple are still together 6 years later, although they did split briefly in 2018. Gamble notoriously spoils his love with gifts like a $40,000 fur coat. 

Age Gap: 39 years
Combined Net Worth: $23 million*

Dennis Quaid couldn’t care less about the almost 40-year age gap between himself and Laura Sovoie. According to the actor, the controversy has been a “real laugh.” The couple met at a business event a couple of years ago before becoming romantically linked. 

 Dennis Quaid and Laura Savoie ©Marco Garcia/Getty Images

Laura is just 26, while Dennis is 65. “No, it really doesn’t bother us,” he told The Guardian. “Everyone comes from the perspective of their own life and so I can’t comment on the way they feel. I can’t even get angry…I didn’t set out to fall in love.”

Age Gap: 19 years
Combined Net Worth: $153 million*

Eddie Murphy has had more high-profile romances than you can shake a stick at. He’s had a baby with Spice Girl Mel B, and nine other kids with other women. He’s a lothario that loves to be in love. Murphy started a relationship with model Paige Butcher in 2012. 

 Eddie Murphy and Paige Butcher @Google/Pinterest

The pair share two children together, but prefer to keep details about their relationship out of the public eye. While they have yet to wed, Murphy put a ring on it in 2018 so it looks like there will be wedding bells sooner rather than later. 

Age Gap: 18 years
Combined Net Worth: $23 million*

It was True Romance for Chrisitan Slater and his beau Brittany Lopez. Slater might not look like he’s aged much over the years, but the Heathers star is 18 years older than his love interest. They first met on Florida’s Little Palm Island. 

 Christian Slater and Brittany Lopez @etonline/Pinterest

“So, she’s there with this little old lady and next thing I know, she gets down on one knee and proposes to her. I thought I’d just witnessed a nice lesbian engagement so I was coming over to say congratulations…turns out it was her aunt and she was just trying to help her capture the beauty and the romance of the park,” explained the star.

Age Gap: 34 years
Combined Net Worth: $71 million*

Music producer extraordinaire David Foster has made a big name for himself in the industry. He has won countless awards, making him very well connected. He was friends with musician Katharine McPhee for many years before things got romantic in 2017. 

 David Foster and Katharine McPhee ©Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images

Despite there being 34 years between them, the couple look like they’re living life to the full. They got hitched in 2019 in a star-studded ceremony. This was McPhee’s second marriage and Foster’s third. The age difference doesn’t seem to bother either of them one little bit. The couple work together and play together, frequently collaborating on projects. 

Age Gap: 16 years
Combined Net Worth: $23 billion*

Elon Musk is an eccentric genius worth an insane amount of money. Some of his ideas are hit and miss, but he’s the brain behind Tesla. When he started dating oddball musician Grimes in 2018, it seemed like an odd pairing, not least because there’s 16 years between them. 

 Elon Musk and Grimes ©Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

In 2019 the lovebirds announced they’re expecting their first child together. Musk and Grimes first made their appearance at the Met Gala in 2018 where they walked the red carpet together. The billionaire has said he loves the singer for her “wild fae artistic creativity and hyper intense work ethic.”

Age Gap: 22 years
Combined Net Worth: $99 million*

Steve Martin has been tickling the funny bones of the world for decades with his hilarious on-screen antics. Clearly, his wife Anne Stringfield appreciates his humor, too. The couple welcomed a daughter in 2012 when Martin was 67. 

 Steve Martin and Anne Stringfield @Google/Pinterest

“You’re all set and secured in life, and you’re not building your career, so you have a lot of time. When I was younger, I was selfish and focused on my career. Now I’m just hanging around the house playing with my daughter. It’s great,” the actor told The Daily Telegraph. The Martin family can often be spotted spending time together in LA.

Age Gap: 26 years
Combined Net Worth: $235 million*

Rod Stewart is one of the biggest British stars there is, having a career that spans decades. Penny Lancaster is the successful model and photographer that captured his heart and his image, since the two met when Stewart offered to let her take pictures on his tour in 1999. 

 Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster @Google/Pinterest

They A-listers share two sons together, rounding Rod’s total number of kids to eight. They made things official in 2007 at a beautiful ceremony in La Cervara near Portofino in Italy, but it wasn’t a huge affair. The Stewarts kept it simple, only inviting close friends and family. 

Age Gap: 30 years
Combined Net Worth: $30 million*

Jeff Goldblum has continued to enjoy success over the last few decades, although his most well-known role is as Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park. He’s no spring chicken anymore, but at 67-year-old he’s not a prehistoric dinosaur, either. Jeff is well known for his charm, which likely attracted his third wife, Emilie Livingston. 

 Jeff Goldblum and Emilie Livingston ©RB/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images

“We were at Equinox on Sunset Boulevard,” Jeff said. “I saw her from across a crowded room and I marched up to her, entranced, and began some kind of conversation.” It was love at first sight in the gym. The couple got hitched in 2014 and now have two boys.