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This multi-talented star has only gotten better with age, mastering roles as an actor, spouse, dad, and humanitarian.

Early Days with a Bowl Cut

Undeniable Truth

Natural Charisma

Sizzling Heartthrob

The Crush We Never Outgrew

Medical Drama Glory Years

A Timeless Gentleman

Sleek in Leather

Enduring Friendships

The Odyssey of Everett

Blue-Eyed Wonder

Smile That Melts Hearts

Beachside Hunk

Ultimate Red Carpet Power Duo

Celebrity Powerhouse: A-list and Accomplished

Early Romantic Charisma

Wedded Euphoria

Worldly Humanitarian

Fashion Magazine Worthy

Rocking the Salt & Pepper Beard Like a Pro

It’s Champagne Time!

Relationship Royalty

Skipper of the Scene

The Legendary Crew of Ocean’s 11

Laughing It Up with Julia Roberts

Endless Grins

Sizzling Sensation

Cannes You Believe How Suave He Is?

George and Sandy: Hollywood’s Dynamic Duo

Tinseltown’s Leading Men

Thoughtfully Captivating

In Harmony with Nature

Adorable Pair

Sizzling Heartthrob

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