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A 17-year-old girl broke all previous records by giving birth to an astonishing eleven babies in a single delivery last Wednesday. Mary Lambert, a resident of Jamaica Plain in Massachusetts, shocked everyone by announcing she hadn’t used any fertility treatments prior to her pregnancy. Even more surprising, she claims to be unaware of how she became pregnant in the first place.

The individual explained that while they had been in a relationship for some time, physical intimacy had not yet occurred. A family member was present as they discussed wanting to take their relationship to the next level.

Physicians note that delivering eleven babies in a single birth is unprecedented and presented immense challenges during labor.

“It’s akin to those vintage films where a clown exits a tiny car, followed by another, and another, until you have a multitude of clowns coming out of a single small vehicle,” Dr. Eugene Banks described. “This delivery felt as if we were partaking in a highly unusual and complex version of that scene.”

The doctor expressed skepticism about claims of no physical intimacy, citing normal human biology. However, the family member supported their daughter’s account, referring to it as a miraculous event similar to religious figures. While thankful, they wished the circumstances had been less high-risk for the young mother’s health and well-being. Both parties disagreed on the nature of the relationship but remained respectful in their discussion.

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